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creative podcast host Davis

Who am I? I'm' a harbinger of happiness. Through my actions I want to bring a smile to the faces of those I meet and improve their day. It is always just a single small thing that can change the course of someone's day or even life. 

Davis Gilbert Jr

My journey in writing has been a meandering one. I have dipped my toes in periodically through out my life, wiggling them around a little but before pulling them out again to focus on other things. I took a short dive into writing fanfiction for a few years as there were a couple inspired thoughts, one of my favorite images there was of a fight scene in Dragon Ball Z between the two character's Vegeta and Gohan, with the two of them using motorcycles as swords. my whole idea revolved around Vegeta acting as a super villain as a way to get some training with Gohan who was in the anime moonlighting as a superhero.  I had a few other fanfictions I wrote, but never finished all of them as the inspiration died out. Then I found the writing group R/Writingprompts on reddit. A few of those prompts inspired me too write flash fiction stories. Usually just one scene. I dove head first into that and just wrote the stories quickly, posting them to share with people, usually as a first rough draft. A few of them were still great and others needed work to be better. During this time I thought of a few novel ideas that I'm still working on. A scifi book series and a magical mystery adventure. I am now creating stories off prompts for this podcast. Editing and revising them to make them into something enjoyable for myself, my guest hosts, and you our listeners.


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"What's wrong with me? Well that's a loaded question."

This is a great place to add a tagline.

Jessica Dupree

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"I like it when authors leave it up to the interpretation of the readers."

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"Shower me in Plushies!"

BT Frost (BJ)

B.T. Frost is an avid fantasy writer and a fan of Dungeons & Dragons. His writing credentials include an Applied Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in Professional Writing from Grant MacEwan University and a seat as a Dungeon Master at the gaming table. He grew up in Edmonton Alberta Canada, devoured books of the fantasy genre and spent countless hours absorbing crime dramas and movies.

The Muse

"Bad Patriarchy go to your room!"


New Guest Hosts



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Luuney Lulu

26 yr old mom winging it on DIY Crafts and hoping to grow and inspire along the way.

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Chris Philbrook

Chris Philbrook is the creator and author of Adrian’s Undead Diary, The Reemergence, The Darkness of Diggory Finch, Colony Lost,  and the fantasy world of Elmoryn. Chris has several years of experience working in game development and editing as well as writing fiction for several major game design companies. He co-owns Latchkey Comics, LLC with friend and artist Jason Casey. He has a business degree as well as a psychology degree.

Chris has authored twelve novels in the horror/post-apocalyptic series Adrian’s Undead Diary, as well as five urban fantasy novels in The Reemergence series and three dark fantasy novels in The Kinless Trilogy. His first science fiction novel; Colony Lost has received stellar reviews. He has also edited two anthologies, and has had numerous short stories and novellas published in the horror world. He writes young adult science fiction under the pen name W.J. Orion, and has two books released in The Dry Earth series. His modern cosmic horror series The Darkness of Diggory Finch has been critically and commercially acclaimed.


Stephen Mellor (Dave)

Buchanan, Liberia, is where it all started. Then Sheffield, South Yorkshire, before Otterburn, North Yorkshire and back again to Sheffield. I am an ancient historian by education whose early writing aspirations were curtailed by family and personal tragedy. But now, the pen is in my hand and its systems go. Away from writing there is always Sheffield Wednesday, always. Not to mention still playing the beautiful game, and the now compulsory 'at my age' aching for days after. And singing along to bands with guitars, but never in tune  - me that is, not them. Sharing my views on the state of the world with friends and whoever will listen through my Soundtracks. And traveling - you can never see enough new places.  Love the Romans, and small comedy clubs, but the two things aren't connected. Co-host of the podcast Prompety Prompt, a podcast / gameshow with a twist for readers, writers, and listeners. And most of all there are two children, now grown up - well sort of - a boy and a girl who amaze, delight, inspire and confuse - but you wouldn't have it any other way.


Nathan Greene

Nathan H. Green has a degree in aerospace engineering, is a practising lawyer, a pilot, and science-fiction writer. He lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife.

Chris Philbrook



Joey is one half of the weekly movie podcast Affable Chat. Together with his cohost Benjamin they review a prominent movie that strikes their fancy. They have done series on Batman, Chris Tucker, and Florence Pugh as well as every Die Hard Movie and the critical darling Everything Everywhere All at Once. Check them out wherever you get your podcasts or on Twitch on Tuesday Nights. 


See what's happening right NOW:

Nico Pengin

Nico is an incredible up-and-coming author whose love of reading started early as a boy growing up in the Caribbean. This passion has led him to inspire children and teens alike to find the stories that lead them to discover their own love of literature. Nico’s childhood was filled with inspiration that he draws on daily. From his rich heritage as part of the Taíno people of the Caribbean to the encouraging mentor and friend that is the inspiration for his pen name, Nico loves creating imaginative stories that take readers to other worlds that stretch the limits of reality.

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CJ peterson.jpeg

CJ Peterson

CJ Peterson has been a lifelong storyteller who grew up obsessed with movies. Since an early age, he knew he wanted to tell similar stories of his own that made him feel that magic a special story gave him. His debut novel IN THE SIGHT OF SOUND is out now. -- He lives in the Ozark Mountains with his wife & golden retriever and spends his spare time enjoying his record collection, hiking, computer gaming, and of course, discovering exciting new movies.

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