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More About Crossroads of Inspiration

Our Story

This like all ideas started at the previously unnamed, Crossroads of Inspiration. Our crossroads started with a conversation, the muse and I had. Inspiration struck and the shape was formed. The name came almost immediately after that, as the idea started being filled in. Two writers given the same prompt share their creations.
Life happened and the Muse had to direct her time and creative energy elsewhere for the time being. 

This left me a single writer with a podcast for 2.  I reached out to some close writing friends, now we have multiple guest hosts that will join me and you at the Crossroads Of Inspiration.

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Inspire us

Crossroads of Inspiration is committed to creating amazing stories and experiences. do you have comments or special writing prompts you'd like to share? We’d love to be inspired by you.

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The Goal Of Crossroads


Our goal is to inspire and to entertain. To explore the paths that our creations have carved out from the Crossroads. Each creator's path is unique. While they will at times be similar everyone has different styles and each prompt has an almost infinite amount of paths that lead away from it. 
Our ideas and our styles are shaped by our experiences. Everyone has experienced different hardships, different trial, and different triumphs. These all allow us to create something unique to ourselves. But all great things come from the crossroads where we take the ideas, our experiences and forge them together into a reality. 
So be entertained by me and they guests I have on, But don't just let yourself be entertained, also let yourself be inspired to do what you enjoy, create what your enjoy creating. Be it writing a story, drawing a picture, sculpting, baking, what ever creative endeavor you are inspired to do. We at the Crossroads Of Inspiration want to encourage you to follow your passions. To explore your own path that started at your own Crossroads of Inspiration.

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